that we are challenged to use our 168 hours for each week.  Cameron University Professor, Richard Benefield looks at it this way:  Work 40 hours; Sleep 38 hours, which should be about enough for most people; Enjoy 22 hours per week with family and other friends and activities; Allow 10 hours for miscellaneous tasks.  What does a person do with the surplus 58 hours.  Time management studies show that most Americans waste as much as 68 to 70 hours per week.  They watch too mcuh TV, play cards, have gossip sessions or sleep too much.

According to Dr. Benefield, too much wasted time can cause a person to feel negative to accomplishing something in his life.  It can cause one to feel depressed and feel like "What's the use?"  Although wasted time and wasted years cannot be recaptured, he says we can redeem whatever time we have left.  We can live in the NOW:   pursue good goals, and refuse to give up or be defeated.  This attitude makes life more meaningful and more purposeful and can help a person not to waste the precious gift of life.  Professor Benefield believes that a person should make the  most of his/her life.  Use all of the hours or years and do something worthwhile.  No excuses!  No more wasting time, or a mind or a life.  He says it is TIME to buckle down, go forward, and REDEEM THE TIME, and put the 168 hours in each week to good use.  The choice is clear:  USE IT OR LOSE IT!  (Information from an editorial written by RICHARD G. BENEFIELD, Cameron University).

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