NOTE: When this article was published in 1994, I was teaching courses for Oklahoma Baptist University (Southern Baptist); Saint Gregoryís (Catholic) College; Bacone College (American, Northern Baptist), an Indian Tribe, and a state university at the same time. A record!

Education today is more important than ever. The knowledge explosion is part of the reason. People need to learn both from experience and in formal education programs. Things have changed from what they were several years ago and the clock canít be turned back.

Many jobs require college degrees before people can apply for them. This is true with many federal and state jobs as well as many of the good jobs in business and industry.

I have taught college courses for the Army and Air Force at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, and at Altus Air Force Base, and at Tinker Air Force Base. The military is now so high tech that education is required and mandatory. The Army has a Stripes program, and before anyone is considered for promotion, in most areas, he or she must satisfactorily complete 15 semester hours (five courses) of college work. If people do not want a technical or college education, then they can forget todayís military service.

Many people work and sacrifice so their children can go to college. This is effort well invested because 95 percent of the people who go to college get better jobs and improve their living standards. They also serve society better.

If you are involved in any way in education then be encouraged because your efforts are well worth it.

Richard G. Benefield
Social Services Lecturer
Oklahoma Baptist University
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