Faithful, dedicated, extreme, convinced religionists were and are dangerous to themselves and to other people. Once true believers internalize some religion then their minds become closed to critical reasoning which would include religions. It is almost impossible to open a closed religious mind.

Religious hierarchies are usually filled with people, mostly men, who have thoroughly proved their faithfulness and dedication, mostly blind dedication to whichever hierarchies they are determined to serve. These religious hierarchies are evil examples of closed minds.

Closed minded hierarchial religionists are not dedicated to a free democracy. They do not stand for individual freedoms and liberties. On the contrary they uphold tyranny, political despotism, and dishonest, and even criminal politics. They do and have supported cruel and evil governments. These institutionalized mad powers proved time and time again there is no evil too bad or too hideous for them to do. Their histories are tragedies and horror stories.

Assassinations and other murders of people down through their bloody histories have been the pinacles of viciousness in the name of God, gods and/or goddesses, and in the name of Christ or the Virgin Mary. All of their histories are stained with the blood of innocent people, and in many cases with the blood of freedom loving people. It was and is considered grand to punish heretics and less verbal critics.

Obsessive compulsive personalities can be associated with some closed minds of religionists. Compulsive behavior is at times expressive of unconscious impulses which can find some relief from tension in condemning, punishing, or in helping to punish people who will not conform to contradictory religious truth claims. However such tension relief does not usually last very long and other “guilty” victims are desired.

Unholy religions at times claim to forgive and then continue to persecute, prosecute, imprison, torture, and kill “dangerous” heretics. Such is their most damned histories! People who do not agree with these religions are labeled enemies of their truth, and fit only to be rejected, punished, and made to pay for their “immorality.”

Members and subscribers of religions were and are often opposed to scientific and technological progress. In fact many religionists are downright opposed to such progress which some of their numbers label as “modernistic.” They reject or oppose any meaningful theological studies, and refuse to accept any truths which they feel are threats or challenges to their closed minded beliefs. Obsessional “scruples” often compel such true believers to retreat from the world and from reality.

Mental deficiency is one factor which plagues many religionists. The cold and hard fact is that multitudes of people who are not very intelligent (smart) find refuge in religious dedication, and many of these souls have a chance to do in religions that which they can never do outside of religions. They are often convinced that they are authorities, and feel that they are connected to the only source or sources of absolute truth. Many of these people are criminal in their thinking and actions. They are ready to kill and to be killed for their imagined truth or truths.  Psychoses, neuroses, and personality disorders often plague multitudes of religionists. Their extreme dedications are often insane. Closed minded religionists are subject to almost any type of fanatical, non-rational, illogical, and insane actions. Beliefs really do produce consequences!

Religions are sad commentaries on the closed minds and non-reasonable actions and behavior of misguided and misdirected people. This is the situation today. It was like that down through the histories of religions and cults. Closed minds galore!

NOTE: Written at the Duncan, Oklahoma, Higher Educational Center while teaching state university political science courses.
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