Prof. Richard G. Benefield

Religions claim to be moral with many changing and contradictory teachings about morality and  immorality.  They claim to set moral standards and to uphold moral principles.  But again their claims are contradictory.  With all their contradictories and contrarieties, they claim to be holy without agreeing about "holy".  They advocate everything from many gods to no gods.  Religious doctrines range from suicide, murder and idolatry to pedophilia psychosis (insanity).  Dogmas range from retreat from the world, in brain dulling hermit existence in monasteries, to politics and wars.  It is time to stop taking seriously these institutionalized mad organizations, except what they might do in terrorism and wars.

India, a predominantly Hindu nation, and Pakistan, a predominantly Islamic nation, tested H bombs (1998) and entered the nuclear bomb age.  They will become more powerful and continue in conflict against each other.  If a nuclear world war occurs it could be started by predominantly religious nations.  BOOM!  Who cares?

Religions want different severities of control of the lives of their members or followers.  Some religions want to control the bedroom including sexual relations between a male husband and a female wife.  Again the religions are contradictory and many interfere in love making between husband and wife.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

Religions are political.  They are involved in politics and political plots and conflicts around the world.  They are efficient at persuading their members or followers to fight and die for changing and dying political causes.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

Economics, getting and controlling money, is the speciality of religions.  They want your money and tell you that it belongs to the gods or goddesses or holy men or holy women.  Then many ripoff taxes.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

Punishment was used by religions down through their histories.  Punishment is based on fear and threats.  If you do not do right according to one religion or another then you will be punished.  The religion will sic the law on you.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

Some religions will try to make you suffer in the here, and in the hereafter, if you refuse to obey them.  Obey which one?  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

Other religions put a curse on you if you do not do what they tell you to do.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

Religions will brainwash you if you let them.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

Religions will get you when you die if you reject their doctrines and dogmas.  Their manipulation of death, and the fear or dread of death, is one of the most powerful tools of religious and social control.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

Some religions will kill you if you do not accept and obey their contradictory claims.  They will execute you or have their political laws to do it.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

In some countries if you do not support the officially established religion or the officially established church denomination, then the authorities will try to make you wish you had.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

If you do not believe like some religions want you to believe, and behave like some religions want you to behave, then they will label you with labels.  Some will kick you out or excommunicate you.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

People around the earth are mostly ignorant about the teachings, practices, histories, politics, and the lives of the founders and leaders of religions.  Religions take advantage of this universal ignorance.  They utilize it and capitalize on it.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

Most people who are members or followers of one religion know little about other religions.  Religions need closed minded dedication in their true believers.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

Religions have often been associated with politics or they have controlled politics.  Religions have hurt and emotionally damaged more people down through world history than any other thing.  Yet the religions continue to demand allegiance.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

Some religions there are which do not like the wall of separation between religion and government, or the wall of separation between church and state, or the wall of separation between church (or church denominations, religions, and cults) and state (government).  They want to unite religion and government or unite church denominations and government.  But such unifications occurred in history.  The biggest church-state unification in history is known as the Dark Ages.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

Religionists, many church denominationalists, and politicians are working hard in the United States to directly or indirectly channel taxes to some church denominations, church denominational colleges, universities, and their secondary school systems; kindergarten through grade 12.  They argue that their different convictions about morality and immoralities, are superior to the preferences of other people.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

Religions want your money--one way or another.  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

Some people there are who will think that this writing is in poor taste.  Some people will try to make points by defending religions which are gradually becoming more evil as time marches on.  Some religions, especially in different countries, try to prevent or stop writings which expose their evil acts and evil deeds.  Some religions will do anything to prevent freedom of speech, freedom of the press, academic freedom, free inquiry, and the free exchange of ideas.  These religions know where they can go.  They will go there anyway!  GO TO HELL RELIGIONS.

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