Without exception church denominations, religions, and cults committed evils!  They committed evils in wars, politics, economics, slavery, hurting, damaging, and/or killing people or causing their deaths.  They tolerated and sanctioned injustices, continuously changed so-called Truths, and promoted hate, viciousness, and sly manipulations.  Instead of being forces for morality they were forces for immorality!  Gross evils have religious sanctions!

It must be a miracle that Christianity survived because it was constantly confused with religious Christendom which always did evils to God and to human beings.

Crusades, 12 of them, were crusades of evil.  Pope Urban II, (1042-1099 AD) raised a papal army and authorized the first crusade.  Crusades slaughtered Muslims, Jews, and other people.  They burned, executed, and raped in the name of Christianity.  But they were not Christian.  They were examples of a religious Christendom.  Evil as hell!

Many Jews and Muslims got the idea that the "Christians" were cannibals because they, "Christians" claimed that they literally ate the flesh of their God, and literally drank His blood.  They did not know that transubstantiation was/is only another false doctrine of religious Christendom.  There was/is no such thing as a Christian cannibal.  However, accusing the Crusaders of cannibalism was also effective psychological warfare.  Crusaders lost and the Crusades failed.  It is amazing that a false doctrine helped cause the uniting of Jews and Muslims against the cross-bar cross carrying murderers!

Pope Gregory IX (about 1062-1070 AD) authorized the Inquisition, including burning at the stake. That evil product of hell, interrogated, accused, confiscated property, imprisoned, tortured, and murdered mulititudes of people through hundreds of years.  Actually it has not yet ended.  It was not until 1908 that the word "Inquisition" was ended by Pope Pious X.  Then the "Holy Office" replaced "Inquisition" as the official institution to find and get rid of rebels and heretics.  Of course, multitudes of Jews down through the Inquisition's bloody history suffered and were executed.  The Inquisition and other inquisitions and persecutions were evil instruments of religious Christendom.  Christianity never did any of those evils!

Hitler was raised as a Roman Catholic, served as a choir boy, and thought about studying for the priesthood.  Many Nazi leaders were Roman Catholics and they believed in and practiced occult evils.  Hitler himself was a rabid religious fanatic.  This is apparent in his book "My Struggle".  He claimed that in fighting against the Jews that he was doing God's will.  He also intended to finish the job on the Jews which his church denomination started.

Deicide, God killing, was the criminal charge which religious Christendom used against the Jews.  It claimed that since the Jews killed (murdered) God that the Jews should be executed because of that crime.  ABSOLUTE NONSENSE!  There is no way that God could be killed or die.  Proclaiming the death of God is both a myth and fallacy.  Romans crucified (executed) Jesus Christ, but they did not kill God.  Jews certainly did not kill God or Jesus Christ.  How ridiculous religious Christendoms have been down throughout their histories!

Holocaust in the Dark Ages of Western civilization.  Holocaust in the Nazi era.  Holocaust number three is yet to happen, but it will.

Karl Marx was a former Jew who was anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic.  Marx was a hate-filled madman hero (psychotic) who did not get to solve the Jewish problem which he wrote about.

See my book "Jewish Race:  Myth and Fallacy", on the Internet world wide web.  Web site:  www.potentools.com/mind/logic (all small letters).  This is the same web site where my "Logic:  Catalogue of New Fallacies" is found.

Conclusion:  The holocaust and holocausts (plural) were the evil work and actions of religious Christendom.  Evil splinters (divisions) of this evil Christendom are in various places around the world.

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