4. Introduction:  Ideas and Quotes
  1. "The pursuit of real education within the protection of academic freedom is better than the pursuit of other pleasures."--Prof. Richard G. Benefield.
  2. "We need to take the RISK of maximizing FREEDOM."--Prof. Richard G. Benefield.
  3. "Courage is noble."--Aristotle.
  4. "Too many people fear the free exchange of ideas which is a foundation of education and freedoms."--Prof. Richard G. Benefield.
  5. "Philosophy is the love of wisdom and the pursuit of truth."--Prof. Richard G. Benefield.
  6. "Logic and critical reasoning are two tools to be used in the quest for truth."--Prof. Richard G. Benefield.
  7. "Most people would rather die than think.  In fact, they do."--  Bertrand Russell, the late British philosopher.
  8. "Philosophy and theology are ways to truth or error."--Prof. Richard G. Benefield.
  9. "Religions are ways to error."--Prof. Richard G. Benefield.
  10. "Temple ruins and defunct deities cover the earth."--Prof. Gustav E. Mueller, the late German-Swiss philosopher and former professor of Dr. Benefield.
  11. "Illusions by the multitudes, in religions and politics, were in the world, are in the world, and will have been in the world."--Prof. Richard G. Benefield.
  12. "Science is fact.  Theories are not necessarily facts."--Prof. Richard G. Benefield.
  13. "Albert Einstein, the German physicist and philosopher, included psychology,  and aimed at the goal of constructing a logical system."-- Prof. Richard G. Benefield.
  14. "Wisdom is better than weapons of war."--Solomon, a Hebrew author, Ecclesiastes 9:18.
  15. "The pen proved itself to be mightier than the sword.  But will it prove itself to be more powerful than the most powerful bomb?"-- Prof. Richard G. Benefield.
  16. "Can anyone really understand why a person would become dedicated to wisdom?"-- Prof. Richard G. Benefield.
  17. "Some of the early Greeks saw enough of the madness of the multitudes of people, and decided to pursue the wisdom of philosophy."--Prof. Richard G. Benefield.
  18. "Dr. Richard G. Benefield is a Renaissance Man of the 20th and 21st centuries."--Dr. John L. Edwards, B.A., B.A., M.A., Ed.D.  Native American Missionary.  Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), retired.
  19. "Prof. Richard G. Benefield has the reputation of devoting time and work to helping people.  He has an altruistic attitude."--Marianne L. Allen, B.S., M.A., Counselor.
  20. "He is a great lecturer."--Tewanna Anderson, B.A., M.A.  Legal assistant.
  21. "You (Prof. Benefield) are the most dangerous man in the world because you question certainty."--Cultist (name withheld) in a debate with Prof. Benefield.  NOTE:  Prof. Benefield, many years ago, participated in many debates with cultists, other religionists and some political enthusiasts.  Debates were in Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and California.  Debates included major cults, religions, Peyote Worshippers and Penitentes.
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