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        A.  “JEW”:  WHEN COINED








        B.  SETTLEMENT


        D.  LANGUAGE

        E.  RELIGIONS





                1.  ORTHODOX

                2.  CONSERVATIVE

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I am at least the fourth man to strongly attempt to solve the Jewish problem.

1.  POPE GREGORY IX (About 1165-1241)

This is the pope who initiated the first major holocaust.  The Inquisition had various things against the Jews.  Thomas Aquinas said they were worse than infidels.  Institutional Christendom accused the Jews of murdering God.  Later this same institutional religion charged the Jews with deicide (God killing).  This was absurd because as we shall see there was no such death of God.  However, millions of Jews perished during the following centuries.

First solution failed.

2.  HITLER (1889-1945)

Adolph Hitler, and his Nationalist Socialist Party, the Nazis, initiated the second major holocaust.  Six million people, mostly Jews, were exterminated prior to the end of World War II.  This is the most well-known holocaust.  Hitler tried to finish what his Italian church denomination started.

Second solution failed.

3.  KARL MARX (1818-1883)

Marx was the number one founder of Communism, and the foundation of the Communist Political Party.  Communism intended to assimilate the Jews into their classless society as the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) tried to do.  The Jews were supposed to be communized.  If forced assimilation did not work then it would be necessary to exterminate the Jews.  But Communism started falling apart.

Third solution failed.

4.  PROF. RICHARD G. BENEFIELD (1934-         )

This writing offers the only real solution, and the only logical solution of the Jewish problem.  That is what this writing is about.

Fourth solution probably will fail.

The third holocaust is yet future, but it also will fail to solve the Jewish problem.

Why is there such a terrible problem?  This writing answers this question and includes many more details.


The Jewish problem should be solved and must be solved.  And it can be solved once and for all!  This so-called problem was manifactured by religion and politics in the first place.  The problem should never have existed at all.  But it continues in the world and could lead to World War III or to the last war whichever comes first.  Hitler, a paranoid schizophrenic of the extreme violent type, in his religious ignorance and political party fanaticism started World War II.  People know that he fully intended to have all of the Jews exterminated.  He intended genocide.  The pathetic thing is that millions of people today share some of Hitler’s errors and illogical thinking.  Lack of education, ignorance, hatred, anti-Jewish beliefs, political numb-skullism, blind prejudice, or just plain religious stupidity are some causes of so much error about Jews.

Karl Marx, yet a hero for many people, even though his Communism appears to be falling apart world-wide, was a hate-filled madman, murderer, and psychopath.  His so-called solution to the Jewish problem claimed that Jews should be absorbed into his classless society or it would become necessary to eliminate them.  Yet Mr. Marx’s method failed.

This writing will demonstrate that the belief that a Jewish race exists is both a myth and a fallacy.  The Pope, Hitler and Nazism, and Marx tried to exterminate a race which never existed.

Much of today’s religion and politics are dedicated to myths.  I heard my late professor of the philosophy of science, Dr. Carlton W. Berenda, who studied with Enrico Fermi, and other notable scientists, say that people create myths and then try to live by them.  Myth-making and attempts to live illusions are more profound in religion and politics than in any other things.

The claim that the Jews are a race is a fallacy as I demonstrated in my textbook, on the internet, world-wide web, “Logic:  Catalogue of New Fallacies,” (www.potentools.com/mind/logic).  A great problem with the Jewish race myth and fallacy is that so many people show that they do not know the difference between a race, ethnic group, and nationality.  Such people act like they never heard of the term “definition,” or consistency in handling terms.  Such absurdity is pitiful to behold.

This publication is necessary.  And the Jewish problem can and must be solved without hatred, fear, political bias or religious stupidity.  There should be no more confiscations of property, persecutions, prosecutions, imprisonments, injuries, executions, murders, assassinations, attempted exterminations, or holocausts against Jewish people.  By all of the false prophets in religion and politics there is enough of these despicable brutalities in the name of so-called truth.

My sincere appreciation is expressed to my wife, Alma June, a lady of German and Creek Indian descent, for typing this manuscript, and for doing the computer work on it.  Her love and help during the past many years have been dedicated.  Our progress is tremendous.  We work as a team.

Prof. Richard G. Benefield
Cameron (STATE) University Library
Lawton, Oklahoma, USA


What is a Jew?  This is the $64,000 question!  It is given the correct answer in this writing.  This is a fact.  This is also Part I, and includes the first appearance in history of the term “Jew.”  Some information about Jews must come from the Torah (Law), from the Old Testament, which is called this by Christians and many other people.  It is the “Tanakh” for the Jews.

This first part considers the importance of definition, and the prevalence of contemporary confusion, as well as the wandering Jew, and Israel’s contemporary problem of defining “Jew.”

The beginning of the Hebrew people is presented in Part II.  Their early genesis, settlement, ethnic group, language, and the religions of their area are explained.

The next part, Part III, presents the Jewish religion (Judaism), not a Jewish race.  It gives information about different Jewish religious groups, and contemporary (1998) Jewish sects (denominations).  Conversions to Judaism are explained.  Example:  If you are not a Jew, then you could probably become one.

Different racial, ethnic, and national Jews are also clarified and explained.

We then proceed to Part IV where the forgotten or lost tradition of Black Jews is revived.  About time!

The next division, Part V, reveals the religious and political persecutions of the Jews including some major historical examples.  The holocaust of the Inquisition and other religious attempts at extermination are included as is the Hitlerian Nazi holocaust with its religious influences.  Karl Marx, the “heroic” madman’s anti-Judiasm jumps at readers.

Part VI shows failed solutions, and the ignorance, and violence of religion and politics.  Persecutions resulting from psychoses, and the wholesale use of capital punishment beg to be considered logically!  The real and final solution of the Jewish problem is then established.

The final division, Part VII, includes some of the great Jewish writings.  Lest we forget!

This work is completed with a conclusionary, the author’s vita, and the index.


The $64,000 question it was called in the introduction.  Maybe it is the $64 billion question.  Some scholars thought that it could not and cannot be answered.  Nonsense!  The answer is easy.  Too obvious so as to be overlooked or complicated.  (This is not an appeal to simplicity fallacy).  There were times when some people wanted to define “Jew” according to what they planned in religion and economics.  The fact is that some definitions of “Jew” and “Hebrew” resulted because some religion, political power, or government wanted it that way.  The term “Indian” in the United States was defined and re-defined.  Today (1998) the United States Congress is having trouble deciding the meaning of “Indian,” and of re-defining it.  Actually the terms “Hebrew,” “Jew,” “Indian,” and some other terms mean what some people or institutions want them to mean at any given time in different places.

When some governments have wanted to steal the land of people, or to confiscate their money and property, or to imprison or to kill them, then their rubber stamp “authorities” came up with their “right” definitions at the “right time.”  Definitions can kill!


The term “Jew” first appears in the Bible in 2 Kings 16:6 where it is stated that a Syrian army drove the Jews, probably a garrison manned by soldiers who were Jews, out of Elath.  1 and 2 Kings, based on historical events mentioned in some secular writings, were written around 561 B.C.  Therefore the word “Jew” was at least coined around that date, in the Babylonian captivity, toward the latter part when Jews were held in slavery in the Babylonian Empire.  Daniel was a prophet in Babylon and he mentions “Jews” twice; Daniel 3:8, 12.  He also mentions “Jewry” one time.  The Book of Esther, which some Biblical scholars refer to as mentioning the term “Jew,” was written about 450 B.C.  “Jew” appears in Esther 2:5.  Mordecai is called a Jew.

The term “Jew” at least goes back to around 561 B.C., and was probably in use before that time.  There is no reason to suppose that the word was coined later, and absolutely no reason to guess that it was coined in the 15th or 16th century.

The Hebrew word “yehudi” is the source of the word “Jew.”


The first time the word is found in the Bible was mentioned in part A, above.  This is 2 Kings 16:6, around 561 B.C.  “Jews” is first mentioned in the New Testament in Matthew 27:11.  “Jew,” in the New Testament, first appears in John 4:9.  “Jewry” is in Luke 23:5.  “Jews” is in John 7:2.  “Judaism,” coined later, probably took the place of the word “Jewry.”

Flavius Josephus (born about 38 B.C.; died about 100-102 A.D.), a Jewish historian whose “Antiquities of the Jews,” and “Wars of the Jews,” mention that tens of thousands of “this people” were carried into Babylonian captivity.  “This people” became the “Jews” in Second Kings, mentioned in part A, above.

The term “Jew,” and “Jews” are thought by some scholars to be identifiable with the tribe of Judah, one of the twelve tribes of Israel.  This association would therefore give the name “Judahities,” or “Judah-ites” to the people who would later be called Jews.  The same ideas are expressed about “Judeans,” also from “Judah.”  However, all twelve tribes of Israel practiced the Faith which God revealed to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Moses believed in that same revealed Faith.

The term “Jew” in the documents referred to in parts A and B never refers to a Jewish race or what could be called an ethnic group.


Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and thesauruses have tendencies to confuse the senses or ways in which the word  “Jew” is used.  Equivocations, the confusion of meanings, are rampant for the word “Jew.”  Some sources of definitions are prone to give lists of words which include several different things as definitions.  This adds to the confusions.  Contemporary lexical definitions are insufficient for defining “Jew.”  People should be tired of these inconsistencies and confusions.

What then does the term “Jew” mean?

Without ambiguity and without equivocations “Jew” means any member of the Jewish Faith, i.e., Jewish religion.  Therefore the term “Jew” pertains to religion (or to a Faith) not to a race or ethnic group.  See part III.  The Israeli Parliment will soon consider the Jewish question once again.  The Orthodox Jewish Synagogue is currently considering defining “Jew” as defined above.  The parliment might do the same thing.


In addition to those confusions mentioned in the foregoing sections, confusions continue to flood the world today.  Governments, religions, church denominations, and cults show multitudes of confusions about the question, “What is a Jew?”  The major intention of this writing is to answer this question, and try to end the confusions, and to solve the Jewish problem.


Legend of the Wandering Jew is found in an Eastern, early Western, and in contemporary versions.  It was started by a Benedictine Roman Catholic monk around 1259 AD.  The story goes that a Jewish man saw Jesus being forced to go to the cross to be crucified.  The Jew was said to have yelled something unkind or evil at Jesus, and Jesus turned to him and put a curse on him to wander on and on until the second return of Christ.  Different versions and stories developed about the legend and it too became intertwined with confusions.

To begin with it sounds Anti-Jewish which is no surprise.  Later the idea would develop that Jews were wandering Jews, in captivities, dispersions, and by being forced to be immigrants and refugees.  There is some truth in this view that Jews were forced to wander here and there, to and fro, and in many incidents running for their lives.

When I was a young lad my mother had a plant on a table, and it was called “Wandering Jew.”  I remember wondering about why that was the name of the plant.

Many people, including politicians and governments have wondered about the meaning of the terms “Gypsy,” and “Indian,” both American Indian, and India Indian.  Gypsies (of India Indian ethnic descent) had a reputation of wandering.  The American Indians (Native Americans) were forced to wander.  Tribes were forcefully moved to reservations to  Indian territory which became part of the state of Oklahoma.  Someone said that it would have been more convenient if Indian tribes had wheels so the American federal government could more easily have pushed them around.  American Indians and India Indians descended from Asians.  Neither Indian group is part of a so-called Jewish race, regardless of what some cults teach.  Neither are Gypsies part of a so-called Jewish race.  The British people and the American people are not part of a so-called Jewish race or part of the ten lost tribes of Israel as some cults claim.  Neither Great Britain nor the United States is a so-called chosen race or chosen people.  Myths are many.


There are many different races, ethnic groups, religions, church denominations, and cults in contemporary Israel (1998).  The situation is very complex.

The contemporary government of Israel has great difficulty in deciding who is a Jew.  The fact is that members of the Jewish religion, and Muslims, many members of different church denominations and cults, and people of all races, and many, many ethnic groups are citizens of Israel.  They are citizens and are all contemporary Israelites.  But many, in fact multitudes of the citizens of Israel, are not members of the Jewish religion.  There are five million Jews in Israel and more than six million in the United States.

Israel is only partly a Jewish nation or Jewish state.  The United States, with hundreds of different religions, and literally thousands of different cults is not a Christian nation.  It is a predominantly religious society but it is not a Christian nation.  It never was a Christian nation.

When the late Moshe Dayan led the military of Israel to victory over Egyptian military forces in the now famous six days war, he was hailed by many American sources as a God-directed Jewish leader, even like King David of ancient history.  But when Dayan was interviewed on American television he said that he was not a Jew but an atheist.  After that the American news media sort of let the story die.  (I am neither a Jew nor an atheist).

The Babylonian Talmud included halakhah, which is regarded by many Orthodox Jews today as traditional rules of practice.  But halakhah is not actually stated in Scriptures.  It is traditionalism and is highly regarded.  The ancient halakhah held that any person converted to the Jewish religion is a Jew.  Most Orthodox Jews in Israel and in other nations consider this to be true today.  If a Christian woman marries a Jewish man, and they have a baby, then the baby is not considered to be a Jew.  If the child is converted to Judaism, then that child is considered to be a Jew.  If a Jewish woman marries a Christian man, and they have a baby, then the baby is considered to be a Jew.  The religion in these situations is through the mother.  Such marriages are often problematic and many end in divorce.

The fact is that Israel is a pluralistic society, and the United States ia s pluralistic society.  Religious pluralism is evident.

Jews who are citizens of the United States are Americans.  Their nationality (citizenship) is American.

Jews in Germany are German citizens (nationality).  And so on with Jews who are citizens of Russia, France, Spain, and other countries.



The term “Hebrew” means “the land from beyond,” or “the land beyond.”  It suggests land from beyond the Euphrates River.  Thus the ethmology of the term “Hebrew” sets its origin in the land between the two rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates.  This locates the beginnings of the Hebrew people in early Mesopotamia, the cradle of humanity and the first civilization.

Sumer was recognized as the earth’s first city.  Some of its ruins remain.  They date back to about 3,500 B.C.  However the cities of Kish and Ur were also located in the area where Sumer was located.  Sir Leonard Woodley’s excavations of Ur were tremendous.  Early Hebrews were located in all three cities.  Abraham was from Ur.  (Read Genesis 11:28, 31).  Sumer, and perhaps a few other cities in the area existed a thousand years before the first pyramids were constructed in Egypt.  There were no cities in Africa when Sumer, and a few other cities began.  The implication is that humanity and civilization began in early Mesopotamia.  This is a strong theory.

The term “Hebrew” first appears in the Old Testament in Genesis 14:13.  Abram the Hebrew is mentioned in that passage.  The name “Abram” was changed to “Abraham” in Genesis 17:5.  Jews would later claim Abraham as the father of, or the founder of their Faith (religion).  On one occasion some Jews said to Jesus Christ, “Abraham is our father.” - John 8:39.  Many Jews considered the beginnings of Judaism to have occured around the time of Abraham.  The name “Abraham” means “father of many” or “father of a multitude.”  Basically the name could suggest “to love the father,” or “to love the Father.”  Abraham was regarded by the Jews as their founder.  See Matthew 3:9.

Genesis 11:10 says, “These are the generations of Shem.”  From Shem the word “Shemites” is derived, and later changed to “Semites,” hence the Semitic people.  But “race” should not be used with “Semites.”  The generations continue from Shem to Terah who fathered Abram (Abraham).  So Genesis 11:26-27.  Abraham’s father is referred to as “Terah in the land of his nativity, in Ur of the Chaldees.” - Genesis 11:28.  Terah was 75 years old when he fathered Abraham.  Abraham was probably born about 1996 B.C., or 2000 B.C.  So Terah was born about 2071 B.C., or 2075 B.C.

Noah fathered Shem.  “Noah begat Shem.” - Genesis 7:32.  Noah’s father was Lamech.  So Genesis 5:28-29.  The father of Lamech was Methusael.  So Genesis 4:18.  The father of Methusael was Mehujael.  So Genesis 4:18.  The father of Mehujael was Irad.  So Genesis 4:18.  The father of Irad was Enoch.  So Genesis 4:18.  The father of Enoch was Cain.  So Genesis 4:17.  Cain was a son of Adam and Eve.  So Genesis 4:1.  Cain murdered his brother Abel.  So Genesis 4:8.  Hence the Shemites lineage was from Adam and Eve through Cain on to Abraham.

Ur of the Chaldees was located in early Mesopotamia.  The term “Mesopotamia” is first mentioned in Genesis 24:10.  Luke, the writer of the Gospel of Luke, and the father (founder) of Church history, because he wrote the first history of the Church, the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, said that Abraham was in Mesopotamia before he went elsewhere.  So Acts 7:2.  Abraham left Mesopotamia and went to the land of Canaan.  So Genesis 11:31, and Genesis 12:5.

Mesopotamia means “land between the rivers,” the rivers being the Tigris and the Euphrates.  Early Mesopotamia was long ago recognized as the place where civilization began.  A map of early Mesopotamia will show the location of Sumer, which is recognized by many scholars, including many archaeologists, as the site of the first city.  Therefore it would be the site of the world’s oldest city.  However the site of the city of Eridu, near the site of Ur, is considered by some scholars to have been the world’s first city.  Sumer and the ancient city of Kish were located between the rivers.  Pre-Biblical Hebrew, which developed into Biblical Hebrew, various scholars think, originated in the area of Kish.  The ancient city of Babylon would later be located near the site of Kish.  The ancient city of Ur, which was where Abraham lived, was located near the north end of the present Persian Gulf.

The land between the rivers is referred to as the cradle or cradles of civilization.  Civilization began there, not in Egypt or any other place, and not on the African continent.

The cities of Sumer, and Ur, date back to 3500 B.C.  Recorded history dates back about 6000 years (which would place Sumer, and Ur, near the beginning) while the universe dates back billions of years in geologic and astronomical time.

The first inhabitants in what would be called the land of Canaan were stone age people many of whom lived in caves.  They filtered to that land from early Mesopotamia.  They were humans of the palaeolithic age.  Stone instruments excavated in the area demonstrate this fact.  Akkad was locataed to the north of Kish.  Some Akkadians migrated to Canaan, and a mixture of the Akkadians produced the Canaanites.  The term “Canaan” was originally an Akkadian word which signified “red people.”  Canaanites began to call themselves “Phoenicians.”  Phoenicia was partly located in the northern part of what became Israel.  When Abraham left Ur he journeyed to Canaan which was Phoenicia.  Maps of the early area verify this fact.

The Old Testament and the New Testament teach that God revealed His Faith, the way of belief and living, to early people in early Mesopotamia.  Therefore that Faith begins with the first people and comes to us today.  The “line” of this revealed Faith is pictured to be from the beginning of the human race, continuing to the present.  Many Jews helped to further that revealed Faith from God.


The stone age people in early Mesopotamia first accepted the revealed Faith.  They already carried basic ideas of it to their settlements in caves in what would become the land of Canaan.  Abraham took more complete teachings to the same area.  The promised land of Canaan was based on the original stone age Shemitic (Semitic) inhabitants.  Biblical Hebrew, developing from pre-Biblical Hebrew, would develop further in Canaan.

Palestine was the same as Palestina, and it is first found in the Old Testament Book of Exodus written by Moses.  See Exodus 15:14.  The term “Palestine” itself is found in the Book of the Minor Prophet Joel.  See Joel 3:4.  The term “holy land” is found in Zechariah 2:12.  Palestine originally referred to all of the Holy Land, including Israel, and especially Israel.

Several different governments developed in early Mesopotamia, and so did several early conflicting religions.  Wars and the conflict of religions began early, and spread into Canaan and elsewhere.  The Palestinian (Phoenicia), political and religious movement today claims the right to the land of Israel which the United Nations created in 1948.  Wars, religious conflicts, and religious wars have been plentiful in that land down through history.  They continue today.  There is no end to them in sight.


The continent of Asia is the largest of the seven continents.  Asia Minor comprises the major part of the country of Turkey.  Part of early Mesopotamia was part of what is now Turkey.  Israel is located in southwest Asia.  The Asian race began in early Mesopotamia.  Hebrews were at the foundation of the Asian race.  The Semitic languages comprise one group among several groups of Asian languages.  The Hebrew language and Arabic are two of the major Semitic languages with Hebrew being the older of these two languages.  Pre-Biblical Hebrew was the foundation language in early Mesopotamia.  The first Hebrew people were Asians.  Therefore their race was Asian.  They were neither White nor Black, but were Brown people.

Many Hebrews accepted the revealed Faith from God prior to the beginnings of religions.  Many but not all Hebrews would become Jews.  Religions would come later.

See my writing “Mesopotamian Man:  New Theory of Human Origins.”  It should be published on the internet in the near future.

The term “Asia” was not coined until later.  Its first appearance in the Bible is in Acts 2:9 where it is considered to refer to an Asian province.


The Hebrew language (Pre-Biblical) as previously stated began in early Mesopotamia and is of greatest antiquity.  Early Jews spoke Hebrew and later it was used in synagogues somewhat like the Latin language was used in the Roman Catholic Church.  Since Jews today (1998) speak the languages of their native countries many cannot speak Hebrew.  Many people who are members of the Jewish Faith in the United States take courses in order to learn Hebrew.  The major language in Israel today is Hebrew, but Arabic is also a major language.  Modern Israel is a nation of immigrants from various countries around the world and many languages are spoken at the present time.  English is widely used.  Yiddish is a very important language.

Some of the patristic writers and others thought that God spoke Hebrew which was His favorite language.  Since God is all knowing (omniscient) He knows all languages.


Early  Mesopotamia was the center of the beginnings of many religions.  Most of these religions were vicious, and violent, and by some civilized standards were very immoral.  The conflict of religions was terrible and this conflict and many wars would get worse and worse.  Presently religions are conflicting and fighting in many places around the globe.  Indeed the conflicts of religions could lead to World War III.


That part of the Bible which is called the Old Testament gradually came into existence as its books were written.  Oral knowledge, and oral traditions led to the writing of the Book.  Jews and many people who were non-Jewish were associated with the Old Testament.  The Law of Moses in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, pointed toward the Messiah, and so did the other Books of the Old Testament.  Biblical Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ fulfilled all of the Law and the Old Testament prophets.  Since so many Hebrews were members of the Jewish Faith (religion) this partly accounts for Jewish use of the Hebrew language.  (But Hebrew is not “Jews’” language).  Many people of other races and ethnic groups were mixed with many Hebrews.  Many of these people became Jews but were not Hebrews.  Many of these people did not speak Hebrew, but various other languages.  This same trend continues today.


Many Jews and people of the various other religions were highly involved in social and moral controversies.  Now-a-days more than ever hugh masses of people are involved in social and moral controversies.  There was disorganization in the early cradle of civilizations, repleat with conflicts and wars.  The whole cradle was rocked with religious and political upheaval.  Some of the most bloody wars in world history were fought in that area and in the surrounding areas.  Blood was the name of the game.  Disorder and survival were two early problems of Judaism.  The same things are terrible problems today for contemporary Jews in Israel.


The Pharisees are mostly referred to as a sect or party.  They were actually a Jewish religious denomination, a highly organized institutional religion.  They began around 150 B.C.  The Pharisees tried to live strict lives, condemned people who did not agree with them, claimed to be more righteous than anyone else, emphasized doing good works (religious by works), and fanatically opposed Jesus Christ, and were the leaders in getting the Roman government to execute Him.  Their claims to extreme righteousness, which they did not possess, made most of them hypocrites, although they were not aware of it.  The Puritans, who first arrived in what would be Massachusetts, in what would become part of the United States, would include many self-righteous hypocrites much like the Pharisees.  They condemned everyone who did not agree with their claims, and tortured people because of sins by forcing them into public stocks, by using the thumb-screw, by public whippings, and by excommunication.  The Puritan hypocrites are infamous for the Salem, Massachusetts, witch trials, and because they burned at the stake, i.e., the law did, so-called witches.  The Pharasiac and Puritan hangovers are yet in the world.

The Pharisees were severely damaged after fighting Christ, and began dying out, and finally ended after Roman legions captured Jerusalem, and destroyed the Jewish Temple in 70 A.D.

Saddusees were another Jewish denomination, but was smaller and less powerful then the Pharisees.  The Pharisees and Sadducees had several conflicting doctrines.  Like the Pharisees most of the Sadducees were self-righteous hypocrites, which is what Christ called both groups.  The High Priest which helped condemn Christ was a Sadducee.  This Jewish denomination began about 200 B.C., and never recovered from its conflict with Christ.  It died out about 70 A.D. when the Romans destroyed the Jewish Temple.

Essenes were the third major Jewish denomination during the time of Christ on earth.  They were a pious, withdrawn group which was the smallest of the three major Jewish denominations during the time of Christ on earth.  They mixed some teachings of the Pythagoreans and Stoics with their religious doctrines.  One of their communities was located near the Dead Sea, and they were associated with the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Pliny related some information about this group.  The Essenes began around 200 B.C., and died out after the fall of Masada to the Romans in 73 A.D.

There is no reason to think that John the Baptist and Christ were members of the Essenes denomination.  They were not.

Josephus, in his writing during the time of Christ, explains the Pharisees, Saddusees, and Essenes.

These three denominations were misrepresentations of the real Jewish Faith as Roman Catholic and Protestant denominations, and cults are misrepretations of Biblical Christianity.  The institutional religious organizations today of Judaism, Catholicism and Protestantism never would have been accepted by Christ or the Apostles.

The Essenes were dying out during the time of Christ on earth, and the Pharisees and Sadducees never recovered from their conflict with Christ, as previously mentioned, and later both groups died out.  My late professor of philosophy, Dr. Gustav E. Mueller once stated that “Temple ruins and defunct deities cover the earth.”  Archaeology demonstrates this to be true.  Hundreds of religions and church denominations died out even as many are dying out today, as other new ones are being concocted.

Zealots were mainly Jewish resistance rebels who fought against Rome because they wanted freedom, and fought against Jews who compromised and accepted Roman rule.  They began in 37 B.C., and the fall of Masada, a Zealots fortress, in 73 A.D. ended the group.  The Zealots were a Jewish political and military organization.

The Apostle Simon, one of Jesus’ Apostles, Luke 6:15; Acts 1:13, was a Black Canaanite (Matthew 10:4; Mark 3:18) and a Zealot prior to being called to be an Apostle.  The Romans who were forcing Jesus to carry His cross to Calvary, the place of crucifixion, made Apostle Simon the Canaanite, from Cyrene, help carry the cross.  (Read Matthew 27:32).  Do you see the implication?  Carrying the cross waa a job for a Black man.  Perhaps it still is.  Romans forced many Black Cyrenians into slavery.  However there were many more White slaves than Black slaves in Rome.


Today (1998) there are three major synagogue denominations in the Jewish Faith (religion).  There are the Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed synagogues.  There are also minor Jewish synagogue denominations.


Major Jewish synagogue denominations have congregational type governments, not hierarchies.

The Orthodox Synagogue represents Judaism more the way it was in the Old Testament and during the time of Christ on earth.  It emphasizes the Torah (the Law), Jewish observances from antiquity, traditions and other things.


The Conservative Synagogue primarily arose as an action against the Roformed Synagogue.  The number of Jews in the three American synagogues is about equally divided.


This Jewish denomination arose in Germany as a reformation effort.  Various changes were urged as this denomination was caused by Jewish lay people.


There are several smaller denominations of Jews located in different countries.  For example in Trinidad and Tobago, the United States, and Africa.  Falasha Jewish denomination has many members in Ethiopia.  Other Jewish denominations probably will be organized.


There are multitudes of people who were converted to Judaism.  Many were not previously affliated with any religion or church.  But multitudes were affliated with religions and churches.  When studying the Hebrew language in a Jewish synagogue school, later in a state university, and finally in seminary, my experiences verified that people from different religions, e.g., Muslims, Buddhists, and others became Jews.  I met and had discussions with Jews who were former Catholics, Baptists, Church of Christ, Methodists, and other church denominations.  Other studies verify the same thing.  My logic textbook on Internet (www.potentools.com/mind/logic) also verifies these facts.  See Benefield, Prof. Richard G., “Logic:  Catalogue of New Fallacies.”  Lawton, Oklahoma, 1998.  This is remarkable because Judaism is not a missionary religion, neither is it evangelistic; there are no Jewish revivals for converting people.

Jews are rather quiet because there is always a threat of being persecuted by some church denominations or religions or both.  There is also a risk of prosecution by some governments.

Some scholars claim that they discovered the tomb of Jesus Christ, and His remains in that tomb, the remains of a crucified man.  However, this is not the official position of Judaism.


One marvelous event was that many Jews in Spain escaped the Inquisition with its emphasis on capital punishment.  Many Hispanic Jews, and Jews of other nationalities (citizens of different nations) identified with Hasidism.  It was founded in the 1700s.  There are Hasidic synagogues but they usually remain in Judaism without splitting off.  Many Jewish men people see on television news reports, with their black hats, black suits, prayer books, and usually beards, often praying in front of the wailing wall, all that remains of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, are Hasidic Jews.


Many Germans were Jews when Hitler came to power.  Most Jews who were not rounded up like cattle, escaped and fled Nazi Germany.  Albert Einstein, physicist and philosopher, and later professor at Princeton University, was the most famous.  If Hitler had not used his ignorant anti-Jewish and racism policies then Einstein might have remained in Germany, and it would have first developed the atomic bomb!  It was fortunate for the world when he became a naturalized American citizen.

Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, was a member of the Jewish Faith.  He was an Austrian (citizen of Austria) by nationality.  Hitler’s nationality was Austrian.  When Austria became part of Hitler’s conquest Freud escaped.


Jews were scattered around the world in captivities and dispersions.  Some Jews converted to various religions or to Christianity.  But millions of Jews remained loyal to Judaism and some people of all nationalities became (converted to) Judaism.  This includes people from different Hispanic nations, many Americans, American Indians, India Indians, other Asians, some Eskimos, Russians, and others.  You too could become a Jew.  What is your race, ethnic group, or nationality?  My logic textbook sets forth several racial and ethnic fallacies.  See the Internet www.potentools.com/mind/logic.



Many religious people have appealed to the Bible in different ways in order to support their beliefs in the separation of the races, and in preventing inter-racial marriages.  Many of these views were found in southern church denominations, and other denominations, before and after the American civil war.  Many priests and preachers who were ministers of slave owners in the South twisted Biblical passages to support slavery.  (Many bishops, priests, and ministers owned slaves).  The Bible through no fault of its own was misinterpreted and misused in efforts to support a system of slave labor which was a system of injustice, cruelty, and immorality.  The fact is that the Bible does not support slavery, segregation of racial and ethnic groups, or forbid inter-racial dating and marriage.

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK), the American Nazi Party, the Skinheads, and other White supremacy groups, in their hatreds, and in their violence, are evil, non-Christian racists.  The KKK at times appeals to some Scriptures to try to prove its racism but it misuses proof texts in the gross methods.  Some of these racist hate groups have some of their misguided souls in the military, and have imported some of their mythical racial superiority to other nations.  Some of these would-be hybrids are too religious and too ignorant to do anything with the Bible but corrupt it.  They try to project their own evils onto the people they oppose.

Races and ethnic groups are found very early in the Bible.  So are inter-racial marriages.  There is no superior or inferior racial or ethnic group in the Holy Scriptures.

Hundreds of thousands of Israelites, citizens of Israel, were of different nationalities before identifying with Israel.  They were in bondage (slavery) in Egypt and this is a historical fact.  The Exodus from Egypt included Hebrews, Ethiopians (Blacks), and other converts to the Revealed Faith of God.  Ethiopia is mentioned very early in the Book of Genesis; Genesis 2:13.  Ethiopians were frequently involved in Biblical events.  The citizens of Israel intermarried with racial and ethnic groups.  Israel’s major faith was the Jewish Faith, but it often interacted with various religions, and it conflicted with many religions in Old Testament history.


After the Exodus from Egypt, during the “wilderness” wanderings which lasted for 40 years (see Joshua 5:6) many events occurred.  One event was a marriage of Moses to a woman in a pagan religion.  After Moses killed an Egyptian because he was beating a Hebrew slave (Read Exodus 2:11-15), he ran from the laws of Egypt and escaped to the land of Midian.  (Read Exodus 2:15).  He became a friend of Jethro who was a priest of a Median religion.  (Read Exodus 2:15-16).  Jethro allowed Moses to marry one of his daughters whose name was Zipporah.  (Read Exodus 2:21-22), and they became the parents of a son, and of other children.  (Read Exodus 4:20).  Zipporah was an Asian (Asian ethnic) lady, and as the daughter of a priest, was a priestess in her father’s religion.

Moses murdered a man, was a fugitive from Egyptian law, married an Asian, which was alright, but this marriage was in a false religion which was not alright.

During the wilderness wanderings Moses married another lady.  She was a Black Ethiopian lady.  Read it!  Moses’ brother and sister opposed him “because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman.” - Numbers 12:1.  Read the complete record in Numbers 12:1-16.  The record tells us that God was angry because of Moses’ relatives’ racism, and He smote Miriam, Moses’ sister, with white leprosy, “white as snow.” - Numbers 12:10.  Then she, Aaron, Moses’ brother, and Moses saw a person who was 100 percent white.  The racists learned a hard lesson from God the Creator of all races and ethnic groups.  The two repented of their sin, and Moses prayed to God to heal Mirian, and He did.  (Read Numbers 12:11, 13).  Many other racists did not learn lessons the hard way.

Moses was married to an Asian lady and a Black lady at the same time.  The Asian lady evidently accepted Moses’ Faith, and the Black lady was already in that Faith.  This will be clarified later.  Many Black Ethiopians became members of God’s Revealed Faith.“The Song of Solomon” is an Old Testament love story.  It is a real LOVE STORY.  Solomon madly made love with, and had sex with, a Black lady.  He had sexual relations with women of different races, ethnic groups, and nationalities.  In the Love Song, the Black lady says, “I am black, but comely.” - Song of Solomon 1:5.  This means that she was Black and beautiful.

Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.  (Read Song of Solomon 6:8-9).  Solomon’s Black lady lover was his favorite and his harem recognized her beauty.

Some Bible scholars try to deny that Moses was married to a Black lady, and that Solomon madly made love with a Black lady.  They try to claim that Solomon’s many wives were merely political marriages and that he never had sex with any ot them.  That is nonsense.  Middle-East kings had harems, and it is yet a custom to have harems in the East.  Moreover Solomon fathered many children.  (Read 1 Kings 11:1-6).  Some scholars from areas where Black slavery was practiced continue to maintain racist beliefs.  Many such people will explain away the Bible before they will accept its facts.


Solomon’s Black lady lover could have been the Queen of Sheba (Read 2 Chronicles 9:1-12), at any rate she was a Queen from Ethiopia, and she and Solomon became pregnant, then she returned to Ethiopia, and gave birth to their son.  The son, a mixed race person, Hebrew and Black, later became the King of Ethiopia.  The Solomonic lineage of kings was set up and it continued down through history until finally overthrown by Communism.

The Solomonic or Solomonid lineage (dynasties) of the kings of Ethiopia includes the tradition that the lineage began with the son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba becoming the first king.  That king was a mixed race person and a member of the Jewish Faith.  Ethiopian Black Jews preserved much of the Jewish literature and teachings down through the centuries.  It should also be remembered that many Black Ethiopians left Egypt, with Moses, during the Exodus.  (Read Numbers 12:1).

Many of the Black people shown starving in Ethiopia were, as pointed out, Black Jews.  Ethiopia had a history of Judaism dating back to the Exodus from Egypt, as I mentioned earlier.  When Israel fell and Jews from Israel were in captivity (slavery) much of the Jewish theology and tradition was carried on by Black Jews in Ethiopia.  Ham fathered Cush (See Genesis 10:6).  Cush settled in African Ethiopia; Ethiopia was first named Cush.  (Read Exodus 39:10; 2 Chronicles 12:3).


Sometime ago the government of contemporary Israel accepted many Black Ethiopian Jews into Israel.  The “Crisis Magazine,” published by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) reported the event of these Jews and their acceptance by the Israeli government.

Blacks did not recently arrive on the intellectual scene of the world.  On the contrary Blacks, like people of other races, date back to earliest human times.  Moreover their intellectual achievements date back to antiquity.  The Black Ethiopian Jews, and the Black mixed races Ethiopian Jews helped continue Judaism and that was a mega-accomplishment.

People in schools in nations with racist and slavery histories will seldom if ever hear about Black Jews and their great service to God and humankind.


Early Hebrews who accepted God’s Revealed Faith had to struggle and fight to live.  When later people became Jews they also had to struggle and fight to stay alive.  Millions did not live but were killed.  Bloody history very loudly shows this horror.


The bondage (slavery) of the Israelites in Egypt is a historical fact.  It is recorded in both the Bible and in secular history.  Their Exodus is documented and it became material for books and movies.


These four empires had times when Jews were persecuted.  They were forced into Babylonian captivity.  Israel fell to the Romans and the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed in AD 70.  In 1948 the United Nations created the present nation of Israel, a republic.  Since that time Jews and many other people in Israel have struggled and fought to continue the nation, and to continue living.


“Decide” means “God killing.”  A dogma called Christian claimed that God came through the womb of the Virgin Mary, and that people later had to pray through Mary the Mother of God to get prayers to God.  The dogma continued that God was crucified and that God died on the cross.  Hence there was the death of God.

While the Roman government ordered Roman soldiers to crucify Jesus Christ, the Jews were blamed for killing Him, (It was mainly Pharisees and Sadducees), and the dogma claimed that Jesus Christ was actually God.  So the Jews were charged with the crime of deicide which was declared punishable by death, and the death penalty was widely used.

Pope Urban II (About 1042-1099 AD) ordered the first of eight Crusades to capture Jerusalem and the holy land from Muslims and Jews.  The Crusades began in 1095 AD.  Jews and Muslims fought together against the Crusaders who were promised everlasting life if they were killed by the “infidels.”  The first Crusade captured Jerusalem, and then the Crusades massacred (slaughtered) Jews and Muslims, men, women, and children, and raped the women.  These atrocities in the name of Christianity further united armed resistance against the bloody non-Christian Crusaders.  Jerusalem was retaken by Muslims, and the other events went from bad to worse for the papacy.  The last Crusade was “The Childrens’ Crusade,” the belief being that God was with children and that the
children could capture Jerusalem and the holy land.  But the children were captured and sold into slavery without ever getting to Jerusalem.

If Crusades fail then try Inquisition!  Pope Gregory IX (about 1165-1241 AD) established the Papal Inquisition.  It would continue well into the 1800s.  At first Catholics considered to be heretics were punished by the Inquisition.  Then people of other religious groups were punished.  Jews and Muslims would become victims.  The Inquisition in Spain, the Spanish Inquisition, was aimed at the destruction of the Jews.  So-called deicide was one of the crimes.  Fanatical efforts were made to burn as many “heretics” and “infidels” as possible.

Pope Innocent IV (1243-1254 AD) ordered the interrogation and torture of heretics in 1252 AD.  Many members of his church, the Roman Catholic Church denomination, an Italian denomination, were among the first victims interrogated and tortured.  Then people of other religious groups became victims; then the Jews and many Muslims became victims.  “Heretics” were forced to go before government authorities and many were burned at the stakes as heretics.


The Inquisition Holocaust was an effort by hierarchial Christendom, not Christianity, to exterminate the Jews.  Pope Gregory IX, as mentioned in the pre-preface, initiated the Inquisition.  It continued persecuting and getting the governments to use capital punishment against the Jews.  Institutional Church and state (government) united!  Multitudes of Jews were executed through the centuries.  Some estimates place the number larger than the six million people exterminated by Nazism.

Dominican and Franciscan orders of the priesthood mainly carried on the Inquisition.  Thomas Aquinas (1224-1275) was coronated a Saint by Pope John XXII in 1323.  His writings set forth Thomism which was declared by Pope Leo XIII, in 1879, and by Pope Pius XI, in 1923, to be the official philosophy (really theology) of the Roman Catholic Church.  Aquinas was a Dominican.

Aquinas wrote the “Summa Theologica,” and in Part II of the Second Part, Question 11, he argued that heretics should be executed.  If a heretic recanted, repented, then he/she was to be immediately executed before there was time for a relapse into heresy.  Such damned religion!  Some scholars accussed Aquinas of propagating murder.  Aquinas did not oppose the injustices of the Inquisition; on the contrary he accepted it and promoted it.  Some scholars call him a murderer.

As could be expected Aquinas opposed the Jews.  Aquinas argued that the unbelief of the Jews is worse than the unbelief of heretics.  Summa Theologica II-II (10) 6.  (Read Part II of the Second Part, Question 10, article 6).  In II-II (11) 1 (Question 11 is against heresy), Aquinas puts pagans and Jews together.  He proceeded to argue for the death penalty against so-called heretics.  The “Church” interrogated and condemned the victims, and the State (government) administered capital punishment.  This unity of Church and State would be broken by the Framers (Founders of the United States) of the United States Constitution, by Thomas Jefferson, and the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment.  But there could be a re-unity.  Many American religionists and politicians are working to tear down the wall of separation between Church and State.

Pope Gregory IX, and Christendom’s Inquistion holocaust failed to solve the so-called Jewish problem.  But there would be other efforts.


Ignorance and violence are in religion, and against many people who do not want to be affliated with religions.  Religious ignorance and violence down through world history has been rampant and beyond reason
and logic.  Both of these negatives cost the lives of billions -- BILLIONS of people.  About 76 billion people have lived since human life began.  There are about six billion people today (1998), and many of these people are being killed today because of religions.  Examples:  the Middle East (holy land), Bosnia, Ireland, the Desert Storm (Persian Gulf) war, and many other places.  Both India, predominantly Hindu, and Pakistan, predominantly Muslim, have started testing hydrogen bombs (1998).

Is there no end to religious ignorance and violence?


Mohammed opposed Jews and wanted them killed.  His Koran (holy book), and his religion, Islam, are opposed to the Jews.  The Koran promises everlasting life to Muslims who are killed fighting Jews.  Islam’s anti-Jewish policies in Islamic nations are terrible errors, and another contemporary example of religious ignorance and violence.  Insanity cannot be ruled out.


Adolph Hitler (1889-1945) and the National Socialist Party (Nazism) made a supreme attempt at solving the Jewish problem, by exterminating the Jews.  If Nazism had won World War II, then perhaps the Jews could have been exterminated.  (Genocide).

Hitler served as a Catholic choir boy, and contemplated studying for the priesthood.  Instead he became a psychotic (insane) politician.  He wrote “My Struggle” (“Mein Kampf”) while in prison.  He said that when he was fighting against the Jews that he was doing the will of God.  He was a religious man and could probably have performed as a football stadium evangelist in the United States.  The swastika was an ancient cross of institutional Christendom.  The ends of its four points represented Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  Hitler and Nazism was a combination of rabid politics, Roman Catholicism, with Protestant cooperation in Germany, the occult, extreme racism, sexual perversions, violence, mass murder, and vast ignorance.  Hitler got sexual satisfaction from Eva Braun defecating on his head.  He called himself a shit head.

Nazism tried to exterminate the Jews, and it considered the Jews to be a race.  Therefore Hitler and Nazism attempted to exterminate a race which never was.  Six million people were exterminated in Nazi concentration camps and their ovens (human incinerators).  The majority were members of the Jewish Faith.  But in trying to exterminate so-called impure races Hitler ordered the arrest and extermination of gypsies, an India Indian ethnic group, not a race.  Executed:  125,000.  Some Catholics and Protestants thought to be Jews because they had so-called Jewish names were exterminated.  Five thousand Jehovah’s Witnesses were exterminated because they would not salute the Nazi flag.  Some people of other religions were exterminated because of their names.  And some German soldiers who refused to obey orders to exterminate Jews were themselves exterminated.

When the Nazis lost World War II Hitler’s solution to the so-called Jewish problem failed.


Karl Marx (1818-1883) the founder of Communism which is presently falling apart, attempted to solve the Jewish problem.  Marx, a hero to many people today, was a psychotic madman.  He advocated assassination, other murders, and the imprisonment, and/or the execution of dissidents.  He promoted capital punishment.  His Communism, using the dialectical method, (stir up hatred, and conflict, and divide and conquer), caused many limited wars in efforts to win the world to Communism.  Marx was once a member of the Jewish faith, but later rejected the Bible, Judiasm, Christianity, and all religions, and became an atheist.  Jews were of course in the way
of winning the world to Communism.  Jews were persecuted in the Soviet Union and elsewhere, and many managed to flee to Israel and to the United States.

Marx wanted to absorb the Jews into the world-wide (universal) classless society.  The final action against Jews who refused to be absorbed would be execution.  The system of Marxist Communism failed and so did its solution to the Jewish problem.  But the anti-Semitism of Marx has not yet run its course.


I think there will be another major holocaust in the future.  It will be terribly severe.  Again it will involve the unity of religion and politics, the unity of “Church” and State (government).  But it too will fail.


The so-called Jewish problem has refused to be solved.  Attempted solutions were finally failures.



Nazism has almost disappeared regardless of some efforts to revive it.  Communism appears to be dying.  Catholicism has
severe divisions within, and some more splitting up today, including the closing of many churches and seminaries.  Some Roman Catholic officials in the hierarchy, including Pope John Paul II, has apologized, as reported by the news media, for assisting the Nazis in their anti-Jewish programs prior to and during World War II.  This is a public relations tactic.  Hitler’s Nazism and Marx’s Communism will completely die out.  Catholicism was severely wounded by the Protestant Reformation, but her wound appears to be almost healed.  She will survive longer.


Attempts to exterminate the Jews were acts of extremely violent stupidity.  Can such stupidity ever be transcended?


Ignorance continues to prevail in many ways in religion and politics.  Such ignorance is illusory but very strong.


Persecutions and prosecutions of Jews were/are the results of psychotic (insane) thinking.  A preponderance of evidence verifies this to be a fact.


Capital punishment was used against Jews in the Old Testament.  It was used against them down through history.  It was used against Jesus Christ and He was executed as a criminal.  It was used wholesale against millions of people by the Imperial Japanese government, the Fascist Italian government, and by the Nazi German government.  Today anti-Semitism exists around the world.


Jews will not be killed out.  Jews will not be exterminated.  Many people today are converting to Judaism.  Jews will not self-destruct.  Future religious wars and so-called holy wars will not exterminate the Jews.  Jews and all religious and non-religious people have the natural right and the God-given right to exist, and they must have the freedom to practice and exercise their religion and their Faith unless they try to destroy people or property.  No
religion has a right to persecute or to execute anyone.  No religion has a right to kill people.  There are enough killer religions, the stupors from hell!  Neither should governments pass laws to prevent the freedom of all synagogues, churches, and religions.  It is time to end religious ignorance and violence although it is probably impossible to do it.

Toleration among synagogues, churches, and religions ought to be both encouraged and practiced.  This ought implies can.

Religious wars and so-called holy wars should be condemned.  These are non-civilized ways of trying to solve problems.

Logic and sanity should compel reasoning people to see that Jews are people who are members of a Faith (Religion).  Jews are of all races, ethnic groups, and colors.  There is no Jewish race.  “Jewish race” is a myth, and by now it should be clear that it is a myth.  I showed in my “Logic:  Catalogue of New Fallacies,” published on the internet, world-wide web, that “Jewish race” is a fallacy.  See www.potentools.com/mind/logic.  When some people believe that a Jewish race exists then they believe in a myth and in a fallacy.

Governments should stop being ignorant, stupid, and violent, and they should refuse to oppose Jews, and certainly refuse to persecute, prosecute, imprison, or to execute them.

Critics claim that Christianity and the Church persecuted Jews and had millions imprisoned and/or executed.  Absolutely none of this is true!  Christendom, Catholicism, some other church (religious) denominations, and religions persecuted Jews, and had millions killed outright or executed.  There is a high probability that some of these groups will do much more of the same things.  Some religions are actually doing it at the present time.  But Biblical Christianity never did persecute Jews, and it never will.  Some so-called “true believers” in religion continue practicing hatred of the Jews, but true Christianity does not, and never will have practiced hatred of anyone.  People should not confuse Christianity with religion, religions, denominations, or cults.  It must be insisted that some governments were and are cruel, tyrannical, and violent.  Some governments did anything violent against Jews and many other people.  The same things happened in some religions, but not in the Revealed Faith of the non-violent, hate-free, Jesus Christ!  Religion is one thing.  Christianity is something else.

The ecumenical movement is the major movement to unite all church denominations into one united church, a united Super-church.  “Ecumenical” means “catholic” and “universal.”  Ecumenists have the goal of eventually uniting the united Super-church with all religions, including Judaism.  The Super-church denomination of the Middle Ages controlled European religion, government, law, prisons, and the tool of capital punishment.  Such church-state unification could happen again in the future.  There are religion-government unifications in many nations today.  There could be more.  If there is a giant Super-church then eventually she would force non-members to unite in the name of God.  Those who refuse to unite could be prosecuted, and finally executed.  Many of the victims could once again be Jews.

Part of the solution of the Jewish problem is to encourage church denominations and religions to continue to proselyte, grow, and to proclaim their own contradictory doctrines.  Thomas Jefferson, the author of the American Declaration of Independence, and third president of the United States, was not a member of a church denomination or of a religion.  Jefferson was a deistic philosopher, holding to the philosophy of deism.  He was a politician  and a Bible scholar, and produced the “Jefferson Bible” (version) which is a greatly reduced Bible.  Jefferson introduced the freedom of religion bill, and was 100 percent for the separation of church and state.  He only attended religious services if they were part of the job of being president.  Jefferson was neither an atheist nor a religionist.  But he was strongly for personal liberties and for religious freedom and toleration.

Jefferson and the Framers of the United States Constitution had to break the power of church denominations which established themselves in the 13 colonies as state churches.  They persecuted each other, forced some people to pay religious taxes, and said they believe in freedom.  Seven church denominations in existence at that time managed to establish themselves as state churches.  Then the British parliment, under King George III, passed a compromised policy, and established the Church of England (Anglican Protestant Church), and the  Roman Catholic Church as the two officially recognized state churches in the 13 colonies which had nine established state churches.  The British government establishment of the two state church denominations was the last straw which drove the Framers (founders of the United States) to produce the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, and the war for Independence was started.

The Framers fight for freedom of religion, and for the separation of church and state, was a hard, drawn-out fight.  But they finally won!  It is fortunate for all of us that they persevered and won.  Their fight was a real revolution for individual freedom and liberty.  But the struggle to break down the wall of separation between church and state continues today (1998).  There is a strong possibility that American religionists and compromising politicians will eventually remove the wall.

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States, was not a member of a church denomination or a religion.  He attended religious services at times because his job dictated it.  Lincoln did not believe in church denominations.  He saw denominations fuss, fight, and split because of slavery.  He saw most denominations in existence at that time teach and preach that slavery was God’s will.  He opposed these actions, and he never became a member of a denomination.  Thus, America’s two greatest presidents, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, never became members of a church denomination or religion.  While Jefferson was a Deist, as already mentioned, Lincoln believed in Biblical Christianity.

Thomas Jefferson, John Q. Adams, the second president of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, a philolsopher, scientist, and statesman, along with Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, and others, wanted church denominations to continue.  Jefferson was criticized because he wanted people to attend the churches of their choice, and he urged them to start new church denominations if they did not like some things in their own denominations.  Jefferson and other Framers made it very easy to start church denominations, and religions, in the United States.  This continues.  This is actually the separation of religious powers.  The Framers set up the three branches of the American federal government to guarantee the division of political and governmental power.  The three branches are the legislative (Congress), the executive branch (President, Vice President, etc.), and the judicial branch (U.S. Supreme Court, federal courts, etc.).  The branches limit each other’s power.

Federalism is the American system which divides political and governmental power between the federal government and all of the states.  American political parties, including the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, and many third parties further divide the governments’ powers.  There are also other checks and balances which limit governments’ (plural) powers.

Inefficiency was deliberately built into the American federal government.  It is not intended to run efficiently and smoothly.  The government of King George III was an efficient government.  Hitler’s Nazi government was extremely efficient.  It was especially efficient in processing people to be executed.  Built-in inefficiency in the American federal government also further limits the powers of the federal government.

The Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments of the United States Constitution, were established to protect us against government.  The Bill further limits the powers of the federal, state, county, city, and Indian tribal governments in the United States.

People do not see several of the preceding things in American history books.  Why?  Because state textbook committees often function as censors, and as banners of books.  Various religious groups and church denominations do the same things.  So do some political interest groups.  This is all unconstitutional but it happens.  And it will continue in the future and perhaps from now on.  There is actually some good in this because the various censorship groups oppose and contradict each other.  This is more disunity and weakness.

The American Library Association releases an annual list of 100 books in the United States which were banned or censored by some group or committee.  Some books are “Alice in Wonderland,” Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, “The Scarlet Letter,” “Moby Dick,” “The Kama Sutra,” sex manual of the Hindu religion, and “The Song of Solomon” in the Old Testament.  The Old Testament itself was once banned in some places because it has so many wars in its contents.  Another target is “The Goosebumps” series of readers for children.  Magic Johnson (the professional basketball player) contacted HIV, and wrote a book on how to avoid it.  The book was banned in some places.  Many other writings have been censored and/or banned, and thousands of books have been put on an index of forbidden books.

Hitler and Nazism ordered book burning in Germany.  The Great Books of the Western World became part of that great set because of the Hitler and Nazi book burnings.  It was reported that since the Nazis were burning books that it would not be long until they were burning people.  And people were next!

Part of the solution to the Jewish problem is to encourage church denominations, religions, and cults to stay divided.  They should be encouraged to start new denominations, new religions, and new cults.  Laws should make all of this very easy.  If all of these religious institutions, or all of the church institutions ever unite, then
there will be another dark ages as there were in Europe when there was the giant Super-church united with the state (government).  The ideas about an Antichrist and his worldly kingdom is material for critical thinking.

In divisions there is weakness.  In unity there is strength.  The division of religious powers is absolutely necessary to prevent a universal world tyranny in the name of God.  While many religious people feel good about religious unity, let us hope that millions of people do not feel good about such evil unity.

What about Christian unity?  The fact is that Christians are united because their untiy is a Spiritual unity.  On the other hand religions, church denominations, and cults are in splinters, confusions, and schisms.  They are not and never can be a united Christian institutionalism.  Thank God for the divisions which prevent religious powers from being concentrated in the hands of a few ruling people.  Hierarchies!  Hopefully there never will develop a one-world Super-church, one-world super-religion, one-world government.

Logic and critical reasoning, really, no joke, must be used in efforts to reject the sly illusions of religion and politics.  People should not want to surrender to hatreds proclaimed by religions, political theories, and government.  Logic and critical reasoning is another part of the solution of the Jewish problem.

Education which is not controlled by church denominations or religions is mandatory in order to confront the bigotry and prejudice throughout the world.  Freedom is necessary for there to be a more effective education opportunity.  (FREEDFOM IS ESSENTIAL).  This education should be available to the masses of people everywhere.  A classroom might be open, under the sky or stars, and desks might be stumps, but the opportunity for people to get education, or to get more education, ought to be universal.  Education is not a messiah, but education is a good tool for promoting greater knowledge throughout the world.

Next, it must be emphasized that never, never again should racial discrimination be directed at the Jews, because “Jews” is not a race, but a Faith (religion), as we saw.  Moreover racial discrimination must end for justice to prevail.

Finally, toleration, and appreciation and love for all humans, literally, should be practiced around the globe.  Such love is a tough challenge, but within the realm of logical possibility.


Writings and writers are included -- lest we forget.

Hebrew writings and Jewish writings like other writings should be studied and appreciated not burned.  Book burning results because of fear.  Closed minds are afraid to read or study some writings.  Closed minds do not want to question anything, just accept whatever some perceived authority tells them.  Book banning and book burning are despicable acts, and crimes against knowledge and wisdom.  When religious and/or political authorities ban or burn books, then there is no guilt about taking “legal” action against “dangerous” scholars or “heretics.”

Hebrew writings, e.g., the Torah, the first five Books of the Pentateuch (scrolls or rolls) contains a wealth of ancient information.  It is a library of the genesis of human wisdom.


“Talmud” means “learning.”  Jewish sages were writing the Palestine Talmud, hence “Jerusalem Talmud,” long before the time of Christ on earth.  The writings were continued through the time of Christ’s life and continued through 70 A.D. when the Roman armies took Jerusalem and destroyed the second Jewish Temple.  Writings in this Talmud continued until about 220 A.D.  The Jerusalem Talmud includes law, history, ethics, philosophy, sciences, and many other subjects.  It was written in Hebrew and is complete in 20 volumes.


Jewish sages began the writings of the Babylonian Talmud while the Jews were in captivity in the Babylonian Empire.  It is rich in ancient history and the development of Judaism.  It was written in Aramaic and Hebrew.  Writings continued to the 5th century A.D.  It is considered to be more authoritative than the Jerusalem Talmud, and is complete in 30 volumes.


The Zohar is mystical writings which are a commentary on the Torah (Pentateuch).  It was written in Aramaic, and most of it was produced in Spain in the 13th century A.D.  Complete in five volumes.


The Kabbalah, also spelled Cabala, is a group of mystical writings which started in the holy land, and were later developed in the Babylonian captivity, after 550 B.C.  The Zohar is considered to be part of the Kabbalah literature.

E.  PHILO (20 B.C. to A.D. 50)

Philo Judaeus, or Philo the Jew, lived in Alexandria in Egypt.  He was a contemporary of Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul.  He was an influential philosopher who also wrote a Bible commentary.  He wrote in Greek.  His works are complete in a one volume edition.

F.  FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS (about 37 B.C.-100 or 95 A.D.)

Josephus the historian was from a family which included Jewish priests.  He was born in Jerusalem, was a Pharisee, and a contemporary of Christ, and he is one source of information about the historical Jesus, and John the Baptist.  He became a turn-coat by joining the Romans but apparently returned to the Jews.  He wrote “Antiquities of the Jews,” “Wars of the Jews,” and a defense of Judaism.  His writings were written in Chaldean, and Aramaic, but soon appeared in Greek.  His works are complete in one volume.

G.  AKIBA (About 35 A.D.-135 A.D.)

Rabbi Akiba lived about the time of Christ and the New Testament Apostles.  He rebelled against his own ignorance, and became an authority in Halakhah (Law of Moses, and Jewish law), and Haggadah (rabbinics not dealing with legal matters).  He was called the father of Talmudic studies, and the father of Jewish rabbinism (“Rabbi” means “Master,” and is a title of a Jewish minister.  Rabbinics is the study of Biblical, Talmudic, Hebrew language, and Torah material).  He was a philosopher, a rebel against Roman rule, and was executed by the Romans.

H.  MAIMONIDES (1135 A.D.-1204 A.D.)

Moses ben Maimonides was born in Spain but had to flee for his life because of persecutions, and he settled in Morocco.  Maimonides was an authority on the Law of Moses and wrote a monumental work on it titled the “Mishnah Torah.”  He was the first writer to codify Jewish theology, and produced articles of faith which continue to be important in Judaism.  As a philosopher he wrote “Guide for the Perplexed” which “united” Rabbinism and Aristotle’s philosophy.  It influenced later philosophy.  Maimonides’ descendants played later roles in Judaism in Egypt.  He wrote in Arabic.  His works are in various editions.  They include his work on logic.


These scrolls were discovered near the Dead Sea in Israel by an Arab shepherd in 1947.  They were written by a Jewish sect, evidently the Essenes.  Some scrolls are complete and there are several thousand fragments.  There are some commentaries on Old Testament writings.  The scrolls include some of the oldest manuscripts of Old Testament Books yet found.  The scrolls were written between about 200 to 100 B.C. to about 60 A.D.  They were written in Hebrew.  The Dead Sea community was probably destroyed by the Roman Army in 70 or 73 A.D.  The scrolls are displayed in the Shrine of the Book in Israel.  They are priceless in value and will be preserved if some ignorant religionists or more wars do not destroy them.  The scrolls are available in photographic reproductions.


Masoretic Text (MT) is the authoritative Hebrew Text of the Bible (Old Testament).  It was based on ancient Hebrew scrolls, and on the incomplete Aleppo Codex (about 900 A.D.), and on the Leningrad Codex  (1008 A.D.), which is a complete Hebrew Codex.  It is also called the Cairo (Egypt) Codex because it was written there.  The Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Septuagint (LXX), translated into Greek in Alexandria, Egypt, by 70 Jewish language, and Biblical authorities, hence the Bible of the LXX, have influence on the MT.


Seventy scholars, hence the name, and LXX, met in Alexandria, Egypt, in the 3rd century B.C., and translated the Torah (Pentateuch) into Greek.  The other writings of the Old Testament were later translated into Greek and the whole Old Testament was called the Septuagint (LXX).  It is available in various editions.  Some editions include an English text.


Rashi (1040-1105 A.D.) was born in France.  He wrote a Bible commentary, and his commentary on the Torah (Pentateuch) is very famous.  Another work was his commentary on the Babylonian Talmud.  His Pentateuch commentary is available in Hebrew and English, in five volumes.


The Soncino Books of the Bible are complete in 14 volumes in Hebrew with an English translation.  They are commentaries on the complete 39 Books of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), written by Medieval Jewish commentators from France, Italy, and Spain.  When misguided Christendom was engaged in the Crusades and imprisoning people, and burning “heretics” in the Inquisition, Jews were producing some great Bible commentaries and preserving a great deal of learning and knowledge.

N.  HILLEL (1st Century B.C.-Died after the time of Christ)

Called Hillel the Elder.  He was a great scholar and educator and founded a school.  Born in Babylon he became very influential.  He was an authority in Biblical interpretation.

O.  GAMALIEL (Lived during the time of Christ)

Gamaliel was an authority on Judaism and a teacher (professor).  One of his brightest students was Saul of Tarsus.  Saul was a Pharisee (Acts 23:6), and educated in rabbinics, the Torah, Jewish law, all of the Old Testament, and fluent in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.  (Read Acts 22:2.  Paul wrote his Epistles in Greek).  Dr. Gamaliel was influential in the Book of Acts, the early history of the Church.  Saul was converted to Jesus Christ his Messiah and Saviour on the Damascus Road.  (Read Acts 9:1-9).  Saul became the Apostle Paul (Acts 13:9), and wrote 14 Epistles of the New Testament.  They include the Epistle to the Hebrews.

When delivering a verbal defense of himself he stated, “I am verily a man which was a Jew, born of Tarsus, a city in Cilicia, yet brought up in this city at the feet of Gamaliel, and taught according to the perfect manner of the law of the fathers, and was zealous toward God, as ye are this day.” - Acts 22:3.  Paul spoke respectfully of Gamaliel.

When several people publicly opposed the arrested Apostles we read, “Then stood there up one in the council, a Pharisee, named Gamaliel, a doctor of the law, had in reputation among all people....” - Acts 5:34.  Dr. Gamaliel reminded the accusers that two different false prophets rose up and influenced many people to follow them.  But all of that ended.  Then speaking about the arrested Apostles, he stated, “And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.” - Acts 5:38-39.  The people agreed.


The great music composer who became a Christian.


An influential German philosopher and an authority in German Judaism.

R.  SPINOZA (1632-1677)

Baruch Spinoza was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and was of Portuguese descent.  He was a philosopher, and educated in rabbinics.  Sephardic Jewish authorities excommunicated him.  His “Ethics,” became extremely famous and he is a great name in the history of philosophy.  Spinoza was one of few people who managed to make Judaism, Catholicism, and Protestantism angry with him.

S.  SEBASTIAN BENEFIELD (August 12, 1559-August 24, 1630)

His ancestors were converted from Judaism to Christianity.  He became a minister in the Church of England.  In 1611 he delivered the dedication address of the King James Version of the Bible, before King James I and the Royal Court.  Dr. Benefield wrote a commentary on the Old Testament Book of Amos.  He was professor of theology at Oxford University.  If Benefield’s ancestors saw the immorality, psychoses, and paganism in many of today’s church denominations it is doubtful that they would have converted to Christianity.

Sabastian Benefield was in my family tree.


Jewish theologian and authority on using parables.

U.  UZZIEL BEN JONATHAN (Born B.C.-Died 1st century A.D.)

Lived during the time of Christ, and was one of Hillel’s students.  He translated Old Testament prophets into Aramaic.

V.  ISAAC MOSES (1828-1899)

Moses had a reputation of opposing immoralities and sins.


Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  He wrote the first Hebrew drama based on the Old Testament.


Muenster became a Roman Catholic Franciscan.  He deeply studied the Bible and converted to Protestantism.  He was the first Protestant scholar to translate the Old Testasment from Hebrew into Latin.

Y.  SIGMUND FREUD (1856-1939)

Freud was a member of the Jewish Faith until his death.  He founded the science of Psychoanalysis, a monumental accomplishment.  Much of his work was in Vienna until in 1938 when he had to escape the threat of Hitler’s Nazism.  He made it to London.  Freud died a Jew.

Freud’s psychoanalysis was influencaed by his backgroud in Judiasm.  This influence cannot reasonably be denied.  However Freud was very critical of all religion as his book, “The Future Of An Illusion” demonstrates.

Z.  EINSTEIN (1879-1955)

Albert Einstein was a Jew when he died.  He was a physicist and philosopher.  Einstein’s nationality was German because he was born in Germany and a citizen of Germany.  He was a professor of physics at the University of Berlin.  He received the Nobel Prize in 1921.  He had to flee Germany in the 1930s and made it to the United States where he became a naturalized American citizen.  Now, the following facts can illustrate part of the thesis of this writing.  Einstein:  Race:  White; Nationality: German; his nationality became American when he became a naturalized citizen.  Religion (or Faith):  Jew.  Obviously Einstein’s race was White, not Jewish because there is no Jewish race.  Neither does a person’s race change when he/she becomes a member of the Jewish Faith.  If an Asian Buddhist, a citizen of Japan, converts to Judaism, then that person is: Race: Asian; Nationality: Japanese; Religion (or Faith): Jew.

Einstein became a professor of physics for Princeton University, and his work gave the world the theory of relativity, the well-known formula, E=MC2, and he ushered in the Atomic Age.  Without Hitler’s psychosis (insanity), ignorance, prejudice, and hatred, then Nazi Germany could have produced the atomic bomb long before the United States or any other nation.  It is a good thing for humanity and freedom that Hitler was a madman.

Einstein was also active in helping establish contemporary Israel in 1948.


This book answers the question, “What is a Jew?”  The term “Jew” was defined and Judaism in the Bible and history was considered.  Next, the beginning of the Hebrew people was explained as was the Hebrew language.  It is demonstrated in the text of this writing that “Jew” pertains to religion (Faith) not to a race of people.  There was and is a Jewish religion (Faith), but no Jewish race.  People of various races, ethnic groups, and nationalities were and are members of the Jewish religion (Faith).  The little known history of Black Jews was set forth and explained.  Politics, government, religions, and some church denominations persecuted, and prosecuted, and used the confiscation of private property, imprisonment, torture, rape, assassinations, and capital punishment to exterminate (genocide) a race which never was.  Ignorance in religion, politics, government, and in illogical claims about racial and ethnic groups is rampant throughout the world!

The last part of the text establishes the author’s (Benefield’s) solution to the so-called Jewish problem.  This is overall the only logical and realistic solution.  This should hopefully prevent future insanity about the problem which was illustrated in the violent attempts of solutions by Pope, Fuehrer, and Communist.

Will Benefield’s solution to the Jewish problem be universally accepted?  The answer is, NO.  Many religions, politics, and governments continue to be anti-Jewish.  They will continue their hatred, violent opposition, and murder.  Illogical thinking and ignorance prevail in religions, and in some politics and governments.  Knowledge and scientific fact will not defeat all of the stupidity of belief and actions in the spirit of the times (Zeitgeist) down through world history and Eastern and Western civilization.  Yet people of wisdom can avoid being part of the problem instead of part of the solution which will have been pragmatic for many people.



Professor Richard G. Benefield was called this century’s Renaissance Man.  It is easy to see why.  He holds five state university degrees, one degree from a church denominational college, and four seminary degrees.  He has almost completed degrees number 11 and 12.  These are all earned degrees.  Professor Benefield also holds many certificates and academic honors.  These include an award from the United States Army for teaching psychology.  He was elected to lifetime membership in Pi Gamma Mu, the national honor society for the social sciences.  Graduated with the honor of Summa Cum Laude, the same as Phi Beta Kappa.

The teacher is a Philosopher, Theologian, Psychologist, Counselor, and a Terminologist.  He is listed in “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.”

The author’s last name is from the Hebrew.  He is one-fourth Mohah Choctaw Indian.  Kiowa Indians gave him the name of TAH LEE AIDLE, which means “Big Boy,” and the name lasted.

He was ordained to the ministry of a major “Protestant” church denomination.  His service included several years in the pastoral ministry, one year in conducting revivals, and a radio broadcast which reached about one-half of the United States, and reached as far as Japan.  His denominational hierarchy was heavily involved in politics and this became a problem of conscience for the minister.  When the denomination began ordaining homosexual men, lesbians, and some bisexuals to its ministry, the scholar could not in good conscience accept it.  He was then sent to pastor a church where he followed a pastor who was an official in the gay liberation movement.  There were many problems because of all of these things, and Rev. Benefield, speaking more as a philosopher, gave lectures against religious involvement in partisan (party) politics, and later lectured on “Why I Cannot Accept the Gay Liberation Movement.”  After the hierarchy called him before committees, he decided not to give in and compromise as he was told to do.

When the pastor saw more immoral changes and partisan politics, he refused “to go along in order to get along.”  The hierarchy, without formal charges, and without giving the Reverend a chance to respond to any grievances, ousted (excommunicataed) him from its ministry.  He was without a pastoral salary, parsonage, or insurance benefits, and he lost retirement benefits.  The defrocked minister says that he put his wife and three children through hell, and that simply by being quiet he could have avoided all of the trouble.

The author says that religious hierarchies fear men and women who refuse to promote their radical and political programs, and who refuse to financially support projects which are considered immoral and threats to freedom.  People the hierarchies called heretics had a way of being causes of severe backlashes against the injustices in their religious institutionalisms.  Consequently they do not usually have the courage to publicly condemn heretics the way they did in their more openly violent past.  The writer thinks that one of the main things that the hierarchy did was to actually liberate him, and set him free for creativity and self-actualization.  He says that he forgave the hierarchy and that he expresses his gratitude for its underhanded politicing which removed his religious chains, and set him free from the darkness of the religious cave.

Prior to entering the ministry, Benefield served twice in the 45th Division Oklahoma National Guard and three years in the regular army.  He has three honorable discharges hanging on his library wall.

Prof. Benefield served as supervisor for the American Red Cross Indo-Chinese Refugee Program during the summer of 1975 after the fall of South Vietnam.


Completed many correspondence courses from Roman Catholic, “Protestant,” and cult groups.  But accepted none of the groups.

Archaeological Lab Technician Certificate, Arkansas Archaeological Survey, University of Arkansas.

Much study and work in paleontology.

Built a private library of 50,000 volumes, a Scriptorium (Ancient and Modern Bible Collection), and museum (specializing in fossils and archaeology).

BA (Sociology) University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO), a state university.

BS (Business Management), USAO.

BA (American Indian Studies), USAO.

BLS (Libearal Studies), Oklahoma University.

BAM (Applied Ministries), Oklahoma Missionary Baptist College.

MA (Philosophy with Psychology), Oklahoma University.

Th.B. (Hebrew and Greek), Oklahoma Missionary Baptist Seminary.

Th.B. (Theology), American Bible College.

Th.M., Th.D., American Divinity School, a training seminary of the Evangelical Christian Church.

Ph. D. (Counseling), Anderson Baptist Seminary.

Pursuing one other degree.

Completed undergraduate courses at Southwestern Bible College, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Northeastern Oklahoma State University, and the University of Wisconsin.

Began Hebrew Studies, at Temple Benai Israel (Jewish Synagogue), in Oklahoma.


Many Bible Courses with several being on cassettes and widely distributed.

Arkansas University (Started as a graduate assistant in philosophy).

Tutor in psychology for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (Courses in American Indian Studies, sociology, psychology, business administration, business management, criminal justice, and economics).

Cameron University, a state university.  (Philosophy, logic, government, criminal justice, and political science).

Central Texas College, a state college.  (Military education programs on a US Air Force Base).

Pikes Peak Community College, a Colorado state college.  (Military education program, army post; psychology and philosophy courses).

Oklahoma Baptist University (Southern Baptist); St. Gregory’s (Roman Catholic) College, With Monastery, and Bacone (American Northern Baptist) College.  (Three years for OBU and St. Gregory’s College).  Two years for Bacone College in its State Penitentiary Program.  Taught in three state prisons.  Southwestern College of Christian Ministeries (Pentecostal Holiness).  University of Biblical Studies and Seminary (Interdenominational).

College Courses for the Absentee Shawnee Indian Tribe of Oklahoma (3 years).  Served as lecturer in behavioral sciences.

RECORD:  Believe it or not!  The only man in world history ever to teach for a Southern Baptist University, a Roman Catholic College, Northern Baptist College, an Indian Tribe, and state prisons all at the same time!  He was not a member or in attendance at any church or religion while teaching for these institutions.

He taught diverse courses such as anthropology, geology, college algebra, abnormal psychology, human sexuality, political science, business law, counseling, education, theology, and world religions and many others.

Almost thirty years of teaching experience mostly in state universities.

Used his military time and took early state retirement.  Continues teaching on an adjunct (part-time) basis in the state university system.

Works constantly to complete other manuscripts and to get several completed manuscripts published.



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