8. Religious Ignorance
Professor Richard G. Benefield

Religious ignorance blankets the earth.  Most people know almost nothing about religions, church denominations, dens and cults.  Moreover religions, church dens and cults almost always discourage their property (members) from studying other religious groups.  A non-educated and false religious idea is that all religions are almost alike.  This is totally wrong because all religions are vastly different.  So are cults and church dens.  These various groups "put the best foot forward" in converting people to their memberships.  Most people really learn about the beliefs and practices after they are affiliated with a group.  They ought to learn these things before they become members.

I learned in teaching university psychology courses and seminary courses that many people are afraid to question religions and church dens.  But they are usually less fearful of cults.  Somehow religions appear awesome and holy to many people.  But they are not holy and neither are they founded by holy men or holy women.  (See my book "Religions Insane:  Psychoses of Founders and Leaders").  Religions were started by people, not by gods, goddesses or God.  So religions are human-made and they are not divine.

Most people do not know who started their religion, why, when, where or how.  It is doubtful if most members are interested in these "technicalities".  Many people decide to become preachers in various church dens, and then enter colleges or seminaries without knowing very much about the founder or founders of their dens.  Many of these people drop out of their dens' ministries or priesthood.

Brainwashed people are in bondage in religions, dens and cults.  Most of these groups destroy human purpose and meaningful living.  They can cause personality disorders, neuroses and psychoses.  Many religions, den groups and cults are suicidal.  They often cause people to be in retreat from life and its responsibilities.  Instead of being moral forces they are immoral forces.  Furthermore they often teach children not to succeed, and many groups cause children to become negative to learning and to real education.  Frankly, religions, many dens, and cults, can ruin the lives of children.  Some parents can use some of the religious groups to get their children out of the house on Sunday, or Saturday, or whatever day their group uses as a meeting day.  But they can cause their children to be damaged by doing this practice.  Ruining children is one of the worst evils of today.  It can also happen because of religious ignorance.

While multitudes of people are too busy with television or other types of entertainment to become real scholars, they should at least learn about the basic teachings of the major religions, the major church denominations, and the major cults or about the cults that might be contacting them.  People should also learn the REAL history of the religion, church denomination, or minor religious group with which they are affiliated.   Religious leaders often concoct false histories of their church dens or cults.  A person in one of these groups should take the time to learn about its REAL, and true history, not the phony history which is set up to add to proving that the group is true or the ONLY church group, or the ONLY den that is true.  Cults pedal the same kind of religious poison.

Studying and learning can be  worthwhile, challenging and very rewarding.  Studying and learning are two ways to reduce religious ignorance.  But this kind of studying requires tough-mindedness and often the decision to quit religious groups.

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