I am three-fourths White and one-fourth Mohah Choctaw (American Indian).  While I am neither opposed to the White race nor to any other racial or ethnic group of people, my interest in pursuing the truth compels me to break the silence about the evils of White man's religion.  But racial shade glasses can at times blind even the scholarly recorders of history.  Such blindness continues to occur.

Self-reflection (introspection) is not always easy.  Logic and critical reasoning when focused on the self can become problematic tools.  It is difficult to keep the focus on the self.  I have discussed some of this article with some educated White folk and they were not at all receptive to it.  Today, I discussed some of the article with an uneducated White janitor (not all janitors are uneducated).  He rather quickly became angry, and then hostile.  His reactions were typical of many people who reflect on their own race.

Eden, the location of Man and Woman in the Bible, was located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers just north of the Persian Gulf.  (Read Genesis 2:10-15).  The soil in that region is reddish in color.  I have jokingly said that the first humans, created from the dirt, red dirt, were actually Inians.  You see, don't you, that humans were not created in White Sands, New Mexico, USA or in the Black Hills of South Dakota?  Seriously, the first humans were brown people.

Early in the beginnings of humanity races were mixed and there were racially mixed marriages in the early parts of the Bible.  (Read Numbers 12).  Some religious groups make up their own Bibles in efforts to prevent the mixing of the races, but it is much too late for these people to succeed.  When I first really learned abut the early mixing of the races, it was in seminary from reading the Bible.  Some seminaries do encourage Bible reading, believe it or not.

European countries began to need slaves so they concocted "The White Man's Burden".  The claim was that Whites should civilize African Blacks and teach them the ways of so called religious truth.  Of course, the main reason for the White Man's burden was economics.  Money, greed, and the desire for free slave labor!  This European hangover would continue through many immigrants to the new world, and would very much include the United States and American history.

Plato and Aristotle allowed slavery.  There would be millions of White and Black slaves.

White people in Europe and the United States would misuse the Bible in attempts to prove that slavery was God's will.  It took the American Civil War with all of its tragedies to end the evil of slavery in America.  But many of its scars yet remain.

White government leaders started World War I, World War II and almost started World War III during the Cuban Missile Crisis between the United States Government and the Communist Government of Russia (USSR) at that time.

Millions of White people in the United States opposed the mixing of the races including American Indians, Blacks, Hispanics and Asians.  Many religious doctrines were used to prevent racial and ethnic mixing, and many Bible passages were twisted to use as proof texts for such beliefs and practices.

Church denominations everywhere preached racial segregation, racial hatred, and thought it to be their religious duty to keep down races and ethnic groups, by keeping them underfoot, in their so called places.

White laws and White policies were passed in order to legally force minorities to stay in their low social and religious places.  Judges, law enforcement agencies, jails, courts, prisons, gallows, electric chairs, gas chambers, beheading and other methods of capital punishment were used to forcefully maintain the status quo.  These things were evil and immoral.

Racial and ethnic segregation systems in different countries, whichever group of people was put down, were evil and immoral.

Salary and wage rip-off of minority people, women and poor people was another act of evil and immorality.

There was and is no chosen White, Black or Asian race.  There is no chosen ethnic group or chosen tribe.  It is wrong and  evil for leaders or any group of people to claim to ba a specially chosen race, ethnic group or tribe.

God has no racial or ethnic color.  Christ said, "God is a Spirit."--John 4:24.  God was not/is not racial.

Jesus was a Hebrew, born of a Hebrew mother.  As a native Middle Easterner, Jesus had brown complexion, neither White nor Black.

Color hatred is self-destructive, and hate, the hate of anyone, is neither wise nor healthy.  A person who hates people does not even know God.  (Read 1 John 2:9-11, 3:13-15).

Do not think that the color or complexion of your skin will justify you to God.  Being a Christian is not based on race, ethnic group, tribe, color or nationality.  Nationalism is not Christianity.

Racist hate groups are yet in the United States and in other countries.  Many of today's military conflicts, as in the past, were/are fought because of racial or ethnic groups.  This is ignorance and stupidity.

White religious hierarchies had, and have the tendency to want to rule minorities, and minority beliefs.  Such hierarchies did not, and will not, allow freedom of religion.  They are illogical and evil.  "Both and, " not "either or".

The Apostle Peter learned that God was no respecter of persons.  Perhaps most Whites, Blacks, Asians and other people do not know these words are in the Bible: "Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, 'Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:  But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him'."-- Acts 10:34, 35.  Therefore, there is no reason for anyone or any group of people to teach the myth of a pure race, or White supremacy.  This is not cosmopolitanism, not provincialism or a "sectional truth".  Some illogical religious groups and church denominations which proclaim sectionalisms such as Southern, Northern, Western, Eastern, et cetera, are completely wrong.  Christianity is not directionalism.

Southern religion is not a chosen group.  The so called "Bible Belt" in the United States, is not a Bible belt, but a Religious Belt.  Much of it is White religious snobbism!  The White race no more than any other race has any right to be all puffed up with snobbish pride.

A White Roman Catholic Cardinal in France apologized recently because the Roman Catholic Church assisted the Nazis in rounding up Jews in France, to be sent to concentration camps.  Later Pope John Paul II, the traveling pope, made an ambiguous apology for the role of Roman Catholicism in assisting the Nazis.  Napoleon ended most of the temporal (political) power of the Catholic Vatican, but the pope signed a concordat with the Fascist dictator, and Hitler's ally, Mussolini.  Mussolini restored much of the Vatican's political power.  Dirty, evil, murderous politics united with religion.  A church-state (government) unity!  Will anyone apologize for that?

News Media reported the above apologies.  They also reported an apology from the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) which said that the Southern Baptist Church (now the world's largest non-Roman Catholic denomination) regrets that it prolonged the American Civil War by supporting the South.  Actually the Southern Baptist Church started in the South, in 1840, as a pro-slavery church denomination.  It not only prolonged the Civil War, but helped to start it!

Some other spokespersons for church denominations apologized for crimes they committed in the past.

White Roman Catholics and White Protestants have been fighting in Ireland since the Protestant Reformation.  No one has apologized and the assassinations and other murders continue.

Too late, Whites, to apologize; too late!  The time to have apologized was when each church denomination was committing its crimes.  Today's denominations, many of these, are losing face, members, and money because of their partisan politics, illogical labels, and involvements in murders, drugs, and other crimes.  Not to mention the ordination of gays to ministries and the constant tax rip-offs.  Morality?  Apologize?  Too late, Whites!  Too late!

White church denominational hierarchies were involved in politics, and partisan party politics, crooked schemes, persecutions, executions, money crimes, and other crimes down through their histories.  Most ministers, preachers, priests and church members could not do anything with the hierarchies even if they wanted to.  quitting the hierarchies, and refusing to give money to them can bring them down.  The many hierarchies which receive some type of government support in different countries are more difficult to weaken.  And their political and economic power should be greatly weakened.  They certainly should not squander your money.

Do not lose your souls because of grandparent's religion!

After the losses of Communism, which was also started by a White Karl Marx, greatly helped by the White Lenin, and the break-up of the White led Soviet Union (USSR), the Russian Orthodox Church denomination again became the officially established church of Russia, and in other broken-up parts of the old order.  Another united church and state!  Once again limited freedom of religion!

White peoples' burden became too heavy in South Africa, and finally it was ended.  No one gave the right to anyone or to any nations, to move into a country and take it over.  No one gave the right to any nations to invade and conquer less developed nations, or any other nations.

White religions and White governments used Christianity and civilization as excuses for invading and conquering peoples and nations.

Not all White people believed in or supported the foregoing crimes and atrocities.  But religious crimes and atrocities were/are in many places around the world.  The Scriptures mention an apostate church denomination age or period in time.  The call to those people who are in the denominational and hierarchical groups is to COME OUT.  Look:  "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.  For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities."--Revelation 18:4, 5.  COME OUT!

The Crusades and the Inquisition were weapons the world's largest church denomination, Roman Catholicism, used against her enemies.  But there was, and is, no Mighty Whitey super-church denomination to work and serve as God's whip.  The Crusades and Inquisition were tyrannies, and tools of mass murder.  Today, so called ethnic cleansing is in progress.  Ethnic cleansing is another extremely evil practice.

White led church denominations, Black led religions, and Black led church denominations, and many cult groups, White and Black, are, in different parts of the world, involved in murders, money deals, partisan politics, limited wars, mercy killings, removal of little girl's clits, wholesale abortions, methods of capital punishment, and many other criminal and evil things.

Remember that Rev. Jim Jones led his Peoples' Temple religion (cult) to South America, where 900 members committed suicide.  Marshall Applewhite led his Heaven's Gate religion (cult) to suicide.  David Koresh led his Branch Davidians (cult) to murder and suicide.  Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were found guilty of bombing the federal government building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, which killed (murdered) 168 people.  This was the biggest terrorism act in American history.  It was connected with McVeigh's anger over the destruction of the Branch Davidian cult.  All of these leaders and killers were White.

Can anyone really face reality about religion and these acts of immorality?  Can people objectively reflect on their own color and race?


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